Verse of the Day ~ November 14, 2015

JTT- TITL VoD 11-14-15 Philippians 2:4

Philippians 4:2

Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.

It’s really easy to look after our own interests, isn’t it? And the same goes for our loved ones and friends. But how difficult it can be to look after the interests of people we don’t know or strangers. Yet Paul tells us to do just that!

We need to put other’s interests on the same level as our own. What a difference it would make in our world if we were to do this!

Instead, many people are self-centered and only want to look out for #1. But you know that is not what Jesus promoted. And I want to be like Jesus. He promoted love . . . in fact, He commanded us to love and care for one another, all part of the church: His church. Take one day (today!) to concentrate on putting other’s interests as important as your own. And then try it tomorrow. And the next day . . . and next.

Let’s make a difference on heart at a time and follow Paul’s advice in Philippians.


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