Verse of the Day ~ November 16, 2015

PSALM 42:1

As a deer pants for flowing streams,
  so pants my soul for you, O God.

Psalm 42:1

 I love descriptive verses like Psalm 42 that are full of imagery. Can you picture a deer panting, so thirsty, following the sound of running water. All of a sudden out of the trees she comes, delighted to see the stream flowing gently, inviting her to drink. And she drinks deeply.

Likewise, God invites us to drink of His Living Water. Our souls should long for Him more than anything else in our lives.

More than a spouse.

More than a child.

More than a friend.

More than a job.

More than good health.

More than financial gain.

More than a vacation.

More than anything.

Sadly, we tend to put everything before our God who has promised us eternal life. But you know what? God has placed a void in our hearts that only He can fill. Nothing else will satisfy us. So instead of trying to shove everything else in this special place within, simply ask the Holy Spirit to fill your soul with our Lord who loves us . . . adores us!

And drink deeply of His love.


Feel free to print out the graphic so you can memorize God’s word, use them like flash cards, or place them in places you’ll see every day. With 365 days a year, you’ll find knowing God’s word will bring you closer to Him and you’ll love knowing what He has to say to you.

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The BEAUTIFUL image used in the daily verse is by Nancy Crabtree.

Nancy loves fly fishing and snapped the photo this past summer on one of her expeditions.

Nancy Crabtree river stream





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