Verse of the Day ~ November 23, 2015

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I have come into the world as light, so that whoever believes in me

may not remain in darkness.

John 12:46

Jesus words ring clear: He is our Light, and if we believe in Him, will will not remain in darkness. However, we still have free will and can still step out of fellowship with the Lord, but as His children, we will not stay in darkness long since the Holy Spirit will be prompting us to return to the Light.

John 8 v 12 Jesus light of the world

When we step into darkness, even when there is a little light showing, we won’t be able to stand it because we know the Light and He is our source!

It’s like having the absolute best homemade vanilla ice cream in the world and then tasting the cheap store bought desert that sells for 99 cents. Nothing will satisfy us like Jesus, the Light of the World.

David Jeremiah encouraged me with these words: 
“It’s time to spread light and truth of the Gospel, not just curse the darkness.

So my friends, let’s do just that in the days and months to come:

Share the Light!

light John 12- 46


Feel free to print out the graphic so you can memorize God’s word, use them like flash cards, or place them in places you’ll see every day. With 365 days a year, you’ll find knowing God’s word will bring you closer to Him and you’ll love knowing what He has to say to you.

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