Verse of the Day ~ Nehemiah 8:10

Verse of the Day

And do not be grieved, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.
Nehemiah 8:10c

One day I was watching a movie called “What If . . .” It’s a fictional account of a man who was given a glimpse into what his life could have been, with an angel overseeing his journey. I’m often surprised how God uses movies in my life, and one thing he said gave my heart a little jolt; it sweetly reminded me of our verse of the day:

“My greatest weakness is God’s greatest strength.”

Over the past decade, the Lord has used my greatest weaknesses for His glory as He showed me His incredible strength. He pushed me to go on when I didn’t want to do anything but have a pity party for one, and He taught me that He is worthy of my total dependence as I gave over all my concerns, anxieties, and fears to Him. When we ask Him to use our weaknesses for His glory, He will show us His great strength and the incredible things He can do when we allow Him to move in our life.

Note: Right after I finished this post, on came a pretty special song on my Pandora radio! I came back to share it with you below the prayer. 🙂 Thanks, Lord!

Verse of the Day


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