Verse of the Day ~ January 10

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

Hebrews 11:1

Diaries, journals and blogs. In some ways they are similar, but they are a bit different from one another.  I kept a diary in junior high, then in high school I began journaling a little bit.

I wish I had kept my earlier musings and had them to read now, to watch how God took me from one spot to the next as part of His plan for my life. As a senior in high school, journals became an important part of my life and I began using them as a way to reflect on my spiritual life.

Today I found an old journal today from 1972! It’s handwritten of course, and I love reading my thoughts at 20 years old.  I wrote on September 12, 1972:

“I really want to be able to go out, not knowing where I am going. I realize I need to look Jesus in the eye and follow Him, not listening to the worlds convictions; their advice to look at circumstances. I really don’t believe that as a follower of Jesus I can look at anything but Him if I am to go out for Him. I must have so much faith that there is nothing else between Jesus and me.  How I yearn for that faith – to totally trust Him like a little child.”

What touches my heart is that I loved Him so much way back then and was ready to go wherever He sent me.

I feel the exact same way, even more so, today.  My faith is in the Lord!

Source: Seeking Jesus



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