Verse of the Day ~ Psalm 30:5

Verse of the Day

Weeping may last for the night, But a shout of joy comes in the morning.
 Psalm 30:5

About a year ago I cried myself to sleep one night, waking up with swollen eyes and a heavy heart. There was no joy in my emotions at all.  But my joy in the Lord was there, knowing He would step into my life and work out things for my good . . . because I love Him. He worked a miracle over the next seven weeks, which I am so grateful for; my joy in trusting Him no matter what.

You may be a long time reader of my verse of the day posts or one of my blogs and recognize the words “no matter what” as a familiar line of mine. It’s the way I live out my faith these days . . . trusting the Lord . . .  no matter what. I’m happy to share it with you so feel free to adopt it as your own.

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