Walk With Jesus

Walk With Jesus by Chris Suitt

A Book Review

Every so often a book comes along that I know is going to change my life permanently and for my good. I was ready for this, and at first did not even realize I was craving an even closer walk with the Lord than I thought I already had. But then I recalled a prayer earlier this year where I asked God to help me become a better prayer warrior. And He answered, not on my timeframe, but His, several months later by using Walk With Jesus by Chris Suitt.

Walk With Jesus

The book opens with an introduction that is compelling and so personal that I felt like I was eavesdropping, yet so exciting it made my heart beat a little faster. The anticipation of a new journey that would bundle together all I have learned in the past two years at Arizona Christian University left me with high expectations and Suitt delivered. The book has 15 chapters that explain in detail how Suitt learned to walk with Jesus through the power of personal prayer walks. I had heard of prayer walks with others, and they embarrassed me, but this journey is about connecting with the Lord, not others. Even some of his titles made me want to jump ahead, but I refrained and read through chapter by chapter.

At the beginning of each chapter Suitt offers a small quote of his along with a verse from the Bible. I came to look forward to what nugget he had for me as much as the chapter reading. In the introduction he said “Jesus doesn’t need me to do anything for Him; He wants me to do everything with Him” (p. xi) and that sums up the entire book: being with Jesus. Later, in chapter 7, he said “Stop going to church . . . be the church everywhere” (p. 63). I won’t give any others away so you can also look forward to the discovery experience.

My favorite of all is Chapter 8, A Walk of Continual Progress, where I was encouraged in a variety of areas not to give up. Again, the discovery is for you to enjoy uniquely, so I won’t give you more than one hint: I am learning to let go of my tendency to perfectionism. I do not need to buy the best walking shoes, a new pair of walking shorts, or a cool Fitbit. I just need to walk and pray, communing with Jesus each day. I had to start out slow since I’ve been rather inactive these past 22 months, but that’s okay. He does not mind at all. What does matter is that I am spending quality time with Him in unrushed prayer. It is an amazing experience, and Suitt has taught me well. The main takeaway for me is I need this alone time outside of my home with Jesus. Whether it is a new neighborhood, the beach, or a mountain top, being outdoors with the Lord is now going to be my event of the day.

Walk With Jesus

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The nitty gritty:

Walk With Jesus1 was first called A Personal Walk in the Presence of your God. It is written in English and is a non-fiction book in the category of Christian Books & Bibles, Christian Living, Spiritual Growth, and Religion & Spirituality. Chris Suitt founded New Hope Community Church, serving there for over twenty years. He shares the pastorship with many others and trains others in organic church leadership and disciple making principles through Church Multiplication Associates. His website, More than a Sunday Faith.com2 offers over 900 articles that encourage believers in their walk with Jesus (More Than A Sunday Faith). The 139-page book was published by CMA Resources in December of 2014, printed in the USA, and the ISBN is 9780984862177 and is available on CMA resources and Amazon.3 I recommend this book for teenage and adult readers who feel a little bit stagnant in their relationship with the Lord, or who want a spiritual connection with the Lord like they have never had before.

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