The Way of Love ~ Part Seven

The Way of Love ~ Part Seven

Love does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth.

1 Corinthians 13:6

Lord, thank you for the amazing people who have rejoiced in my successes and achievements. These  amazing encouragers have made a sweet difference by applauding me as I bravely took all kinds of detours, and made many changes in my life. Some were spiritual, some physical, some emotional; they were my cheerleaders, rejoicing with me, spurring me on, helping me go the extra mile. They laughed with me too, but not one rejoiced in the failed attempts I encountered.  Bless them all, Lord. Bless them in a big way!

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Today I want to share a personal reflection of mine that reminds me of 1 Corinthians 13:6.

Way back in the late 1980’s (when I was much younger) I decided to help raise money for a charity by riding two days on a bike from Phoenix Arizona to Parker Dam: a 168-mile road trip. Four of us from my work jumped into this with great gusto and raised a considerable amount of money together. It was pretty impressive for non-bike riders. We wanted to help people and make a difference.

Sure, we could ride regular bikes, but we had no idea what riding long distances entailed. We knew we needed to train, make sure our road bikes were in order, and of course, buy cute riding gloves and clothes.

If you’re a serious bike rider, you’re laughing by now. Our bikes were wrong.  Our training was wrong. Our clothes were wrong. Only our attitudes were right.

We wanted to support the charity and have fun out on the open road and we did. It was a fabulous time, one we will never forget.

People laughed when they saw us on the local news at the end of the journey since because we had to use the swag wagon a lot.  For those of you unfamiliar, a swag wagon is a van driven by helpful volunteers who pick up the riders who have broken bikes or bodies.

We had broken bodies: we were so untrained, and our legs were screaming at us! We made it 40 miles to Wickenburg, Arizona exhausted. All four of us were also rejoicing that there was a swag wagon that took us the rest of the way to our overnight destination.

That night, we celebrated with every rider who showed up, whether they rode or used the swag wagon. No one was mean to us, or had bad attitudes, although they could have been since they were serious riders and we were not.

The Way of Love

The next day, we set out with renewed excitement and made it only ten miles before we had bike troubles.  So, we were first to arrive at Parker Dam because once again, we used the swag wagon.

Not one person rejoiced over our failed attempts, but they applauded our determination. They applauded the truth of our hearts: to help others in need.

Those are the people I want in my life: all the time, every day.

They show love by rejoicing.

Becky Capps for Joyful Times

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