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Meet Becky Capps

Becky Capps is the founder of Joyful Times Today and Trust in the Lord on Facebook. In September of 2015, she and her partners launched the website and her dream of having a rich, edifying, and joyful website became a reality. Serving as the CEO of, her hope is to bring a positive change to the internet with joy-filled, positive news and articles that encourage readers spiritually. She is a Christian Ministries major from Arizona Christian University and will be working on her Masters in Theology this year. Her heart’s desire is to serve the Lord every day, in every way, with a joyful heart that embraces her faith in Jesus. She’s the mother of three and grandmother of six smile-bringers.





Lisa Jander, the Teen Dating Mechanic, teaches the importance of following The Way God has planned for courting, dating and marriage and to restore healthy relationships values. As a follower of Jesus Christ, Public Speaker and Author of a book titled, “Dater’s Ed: Driver’s Ed Model for Dating,” Lisa is passionate about teaching singles “How To Court God’s Way.”