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Writing, for me, is an outlet for my emotions.

Since grade school when I bought my first diary, I found putting a pen to paper helped me to get in touch with my feelings easier than talking about them. Later when I became a follower of Jesus, I used prayer journals as a way to touch base best with the Lord of my life. Journals have taken over a few shelves in my bedroom bookshelf, but I rarely re-read them since there is always something new waiting to be written or read.

Several years ago I began blogging my soul-thoughts on a little blog post called Seeking Jesus. That led to me writing for several other websites, and finally starting my own,, with my partners Kendell Lang and Lisa Jander.


Our passion is to spread joy by encouraging believers in Christ, and pointing people without the security of hope in Jesus to find Him. We desperately need to find more writers who are willing to authentically share their hearts with our readers and are currently looking for more seasoned writers to add to our team who want to make a difference in the lives of other people. Our future goal includes having 100 writers, but for now, we’re just looking for 10 joyful ones.

You may wonder how you could ever make a difference in a stranger’s life.  But in reading the comments on our website articles, you’ll soon see. Our readers will give you feedback when you speak to their hearts.

One reader recently lost her husband, and she let us know we were helping her get through this tough time. Another told us she’d never read the Bible all the way through, but by being part of the Bible in a Year reading plan we post daily, she’s now falling in love with the Lord all over again. Every day we have people share that the Verse of the Day, an article, or one of our music posts have helped them in a tough time, showing them others have gone through tough times too but have found joy in their suffering.

Today I’m inviting new writers to apply: you must have the grammar skills, stories, and desire to make a difference in the lives of strangers, in the hearts of the hurting, and in the internet world. You will be an intern, but we actually pay our interns a small wage for each article. You will be trained to use Word Press, and gently guided to be an active writer for Team Joy.

Click this link for more information and to apply. Write For Us


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